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Healing Prayer 

Please read through this entire page before starting.

  • Sit in a comfortable position (it could be in a chair, on the floor or even laying down in bed). 
  • Create a sacred space around you by lighting a candle, looking out at nature or whatever makes you feel close to G-d or the Universal Source. 
  • Play soft music if that feels right.
  • Sit with an open posture with palms up to receive.


    1.  Take 3 deep breaths (Breathe in to a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breathe out to a count of 4,                         pause for a count of 4) Repeat 2x. Focus on your breath…

    2.  Say:  “G-d, please clear, bless, and protect my body, mind, and spirit”

    3.  3 more deep breaths. 

    4.  Say,” I now receive the healing prayer sent by Annette.”

    5.  Picture this prayer as a stream of light, water or whatever feels comfortable coming from above and  entering your body through your head and hands. And also visualize this energy coming in through your feet  and meeting at your heart center with the light from above   Allow this merging light to travel to all areas of your  body releasing all stress, strain, and trauma.  Sit and enjoy whatever you receive.  You may sit for a few  minutes or an hour.  There is no time limit.  Just rest.   You may feel sensations or you may feel nothing.  It  doesn’t mean the prayer isn’t working.  Just be.

    6.  If you get restless, focus on your 4 count breath. Allow the breath to facilitate a release.

    7.  If you notice areas of stress, pain, or discomfort, just breathe and picture the flow of light bathing     and soaking that area.  Let the area soften. 

   8.  It is okay to fall asleep.   When you wake up, finish this session.  It is okay for your mind to wander.

Your thoughts may give clues to the emotions held in your body.  But don’t focus on any one thought.  Just return to the breathing. 

    9.  When you are finished, take 3 more deep 4-count breaths. 

   10.  Wiggle your toes and bring yourself back.. Bring your focus back into your space.

   11.  Say “Thank you” and continue your day or lapse into a deep sleep.


  • Drink more water (at least 2-4 glasses extra).in the next 12 hours. 
  • You might want to journal or write down what you experienced. 
  •  You may have insights, feel tingling, or warmth in certain areas (not necessarily where you have pain or discomfort).  Or you may feel nothing. 
  • You can repeat this meditation at any time.  I have queued the energy to last for 7 days from your initial prayer.

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Thank You!!!