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Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

Thursday, January 11, 2018

We were hitched up and out of the camp by 9 am.  We needed to make time to get to Chandler, Texas by 4 pm.  We had no incidents as we traveled along I-30 south.  However, as we entered Texas, we hit quite the thunderstorms and downpours as we made our way on the two lane road leading to I-20. There were times we could not go more than 40 MPH.  Luckily there was no hydroplaning and the camper and van behavde as one unit as we sailed through most of the downpour.  The skies lightened as we got to Chandler so we did not have to hook up the electricity in the rain  We made it to Linda and James Ferguson residence by 4:30 pm.   Luckily Joe had packed the 100 foot extension cord so we were attached to the grid in no time.  Linda had thoughtfully planned for our arrival and was ready with a crab meat hors d'oeuvre, chili with cornbread and a delicious brownie cake and ice cream for dessert.  We, of course, took the archival pictures with all of us and then I slipped off to bed.  Terri stayed in the house a little while to catch up on the latest news.  We were both asleep by 11 pm. We really appreciated the hospitality and respite from cooking.