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Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

January 15, 2028

We left Las Cruces, NM, on our final leg of our journey.  Google directed us off of the freeway and on to another 2 land road. The topagraphy looked exciting.  We planned to drop the camper off at the campground I had reserved and then I would take Terri home.  I had no choice this time as I had chosen a back-in site up against a mountain view.  Our drive was probably the most pleasant we had had so far.  The desert changed color as we gained elevation.  The rocks went from a rosy mauve to a stark white.  Our gas mileage was much better and so we did not have as many stops.  We arrived at the camp around 4 pm, right on schedule.  We found our site and it only took me 3 attempts to back in.  Yay!!  However, there were a few surprises.  Our site did not have electricity. Oh, no! How would I stay warm or get online with my computer. Well, Joe had taken the time to install our generator on the truck and its tank was full. The trailer is self-contained in that the battery is strong that runs the lights and the refrigerator runs on propane as well as the stove.  Hopefully I will stay warm and the furnace blower will not kill the battery.  Luckily my tablet can be powered by a USB port, which is available in our camper.  So my electronics are okay. They can charge overnight.  It is just my computer that needs electricity.  So for tonight I am roughing it and we will see about using the generator tomorrow.  I had taken Terri home at 5 pm.  I cannot tell you what a Godsend she was on this trip.  I needed a second person as I acclimated to this process. On the way back to the campsite, I stopped at Target for needed supplies,, spoke with Joe on the phone and arrived back about 8:30 pm  I made a pizza in the oven for supper, watched a video on my tablet, and kept an eye the thermometer.  The furnace seemed to not be draining the battery so I stopped being worried about heat. I had many blankets and the outside temps were staying in the 50's.  I made it to bed by 11 pm.