Massage Therapy and Movement With The Masters' Touch

Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

January 17, 2018

I awoke today at 7:30 am.  I had made arrangements to visit our friends, Ron & Bobi who are wintering in their RV at a park in Mesa.  Today I set out to explore the shower house and it did not dissappoint.  The water was hot and I felt renewed after spending several minutes releasing and enjoying the hot water cascading around my body...the luxuries we take for granted when we are "roughing" it.  I had a delicious brunch of lox and cream cheese on rice cakes.  And I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee thanks to the electric power of the generator.  I left around 3 to go to Mesa.  I chatted with our friends like there has been no distance or time between us.  We decided on Thai food for supper and headed out to a local eatery, Thai Plates.  The food was delicious and our conversation continued.  Ron is well versed in the local opportunities for education and experiences about the local history.  I left their company about 7 pm and headed back to the camper.  I enjoyed an evening watching the RTR (Road Tramp Rondevous) videos (which I decided was to crowded to visit). The night view is of Phoenix from our campsite.  I was in bed by 10 pm.   

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