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Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

January 20, 2018

We woke at 8 am and started talking.  I shared my insights and lessons of this trip.  Joe spoke of all of his experiences in my absence  Before we knew it it was time for lunch.  Joe had a salad and I had my typical rice cakes and an apple.  We met up with Val, Tyson, Qwynn, Alwyn, and Tyson's parents at their hotel.  Val and Tyson were meeting up with some of his friends from his tenure at the Phoenix Suns and the grandparents were taking the kids out for dinner.  We decided on a Mexican place that was kid friendly.  We left about 5:30 pm.  We did not wait long for a table and we quickly caught up with their family news.  The kids had cheese quesadillas with black beans.  Qwynn is a vegetarian, as she refuses to eat meat. Alwyn likes to eat frequently.  When the salsa and chips were brought to the table, Alwyn used the sign language for 'more" and we were on our way to enjoying a feast.  The food came quickly and the conversation never lagged.  By 7 pm we were finished and headed back to the hotel.  Alwyn entertained us with his running and moving the multiple water bottles around the room.  Qwynn was engrossed in a Disney cartoon on TV.  By the time Val and Tyson came at 8:30 pm, we were waiting at the elevator with the kids (not really, we were just embarking on a walk to tire them out for the parents).  We had a big day ahead the next day for Qwynn's 5th birthday celebration.  We were back at camp by 10 pm, too late to fire up the generator.  Hopefully our battery would last the night as the temps were headed for the mid 30's.  We used the connection to the truck to give the battery a little extra juice, so we got to bed at midnight.