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Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

January 22, 2018

Today we get to stay put.  We awoke at 8 am.  We fired up the generator to warm our little house and to work on our computers.  I looked at the clock and it was 9:30.  Val said they would be arriving in about 45 minutes.  They planned to spend the day with us at the campsite and enjoy a fire after supper.  After a quick sweep of the camper (to make it more child proof(, we welcomed them around 10:30 am.  We decided to try the local Ghost Town exhibit about 2 miles from the campground.  We arrived at Goldfield Mine Ghost  Town around 11:45 am and were ready for lunch.  The Saloon offered lunch fare and we found a table with a view of the mountains.  After a meal of sandwiches and salads, we ventured out into the town, which was free.  Some of the exhibits had a cost but the town had so much charm we were not enticed by any of the reptile show, horse back riding or zip line options. We did enjoy a 20 minute train ride around the circumference of the town while we listened to local history and lore of the mines. We took Qwynn and made our way back to camp while Tyson and Val took Alwyn for a ride and searched for food for supper.  Qwynn and I had great fun searching for rocks and talking about the different animals in the desert. Mom and Dad returned about 4:30 pm.  Val is taking a photography class and has been utilizing her skills.  While we waited for the exquisite sunset shots from our vista, she cooked dinner for all of us.  We had pasta and sauce and a delicious veggie mix.  Also at sunset, Bampa started the campfire.  The kids and parents had expended an enormous amount of energy this day and tired early.  The 50 degree temps dd not help.  After about 1 hour of the fire, they left to return home and we were glad to retreat to the warmth of the camper.  We also did a run to refuel the generator, which had only used less than a gallon of gasoline.  We were able to run it until quiet time at 9 pm so our battery was sufficiently charged to get us through the night.  The temperature was already 45 degrees.  We got to bed at 11 pm because we were going to the zoo in the morning. 

Massage Therapy and Movement With The Masters' Touch