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Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

January 23, 2018

We were up at 7 am to leave by 8 am to get to the Phoenix Zoo.  We were meeting with Val, Tyson, friend Chad and the kids.  The biggest and most excited kid was Joe.  We were able to get a 50 per cent discount because of our Cleveland Zoo membership.  After a Starbucks stop for breakfast and coffee, we met at the gate.  Our first stop were the giraffes.  The sunlight was perfect for the morning pictures.  As we traversed along the path. we saw the lions and tigers.  When we arrived at the baboon's display, the mama was sleeping.  I told Qwynn that if she wanted the mom to wake up, she should send her a message with her mind and use her imagination to picture the baboon rising.  After about 20 seconds of concentration on both our parts, the mama baboon rose and posed for us.  What a lesson for me on the powers to communicate with animals.  We also were treated by the tiger to an up close view with Alwyn.  Joe was also able to teach Qwynn how to mild a cow, just in case Val and Tyson tire of NYC life Those 3 hours seemed timeless.  We parted ways around noon and we headed back to the campground.  Our original plans were to head off to Lake Havasue tomorrow but Val and Tyson were not leaving until late Wednesday night so we arranged to stay here until Thursday.  Joe had not gotten to see Ron and Bobi and so we have plans to meet with them tomorrow.  The consequence is that we have to change campsites for both nights.  We were able to also fill up with water, so now we no longer have to use jugs to haul water for cooking, drinking and washing.  Tonight we are headed to dinner with the gang.  

Massage Therapy and Movement With The Masters' Touch