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Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

January 24, 2018

We awoke at 7 am because we were meeting for brunch with Val, Tyson, the kids, and friends Chad and Kelly.  Harlow's is a well known local breakfast and lunch site and was an important gathering place for the younger ones when they were in college.  Our omelets were large enough for two meals.  Qwynn and Alwyn were kept occupied with the crayons and coloring place mats. Time passed quickly and we hesitantly said our good byes.  This was such a great vacation experience for us all.  We usually spend our time at either Val and Tyson's place in NYC or at our house when they come home. To be on vacation together was a first but hopefully not a last encounter.  Joe and I had to get back to the campground to move our camper yet again to another site.  This would be our last night at Lost Dutchmen State Park.  This move was easy as our new location was just across the street from our current one.  We were disconnected and then setup within a half hour.  Soon we were off down the 60 to meet up with Terri to retrieve our son's books from when he lived here 10 years ago.  We had to make space for over 9 boxes of varied contents.  Terri gleefully helped us transfer them to our truck.  Another few square feet of real estate was free in her garage.  Now we will have to find space for them in our building until Rich can sift through them to reclaim his forgotten treasures.  After an hour, we headed over to spend the evening with friends, Ron and Bobi.  We enjoyed a dinner at a Western home style diner know for its selection of prime meats.  I indulged in red meat for the first time in over 2 months.  My body was singing and seemed to enjoy the benefits of this choice.  We returned to the RV park and Ron gave us a tour of the grounds and described the many amenities they enjoy, including a wood working shop, several pools, free music concerts and many more.  They are content in this life style.  I myself am now longing for home and I miss my groups of friends and my kids and grandchildren.  Tomorrow we leave for Lake Havasu and our final destination in Arizona.