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Massage Therapy and Movement with The Master's Touch

January 27, 2018

‚ÄčToday we awoke at 9:30 am.  The wind is such a comforting white noise.  We were discussing our plans for the day and we seemed to have a miscommunication.  This journey, for me, was about an adventure and expect the unexpected.  My granddaughter, Vanessa, even gave me a candle that I used in my prayers and meditations  on this trip that said, "Live The Adventure."  I was not concerned about lack of electricity or any of the other surprises that happened on this trip.  I had no frustrations and learned to adapt. I created systems to live wihout running water or electricity.  I was grateful for battery power and for the generator that Joe had provided for me.  I lived with fluid expectations.  This trip has become a metaphor to how I will live my life when I return to Ohio. Joe had felt that his need to get out and explore was not happening.  Our rhythms seemed to be out of sync.  I loved staying at the beach and was not inclined to go hiking.  I did want to explore.  HIs frustration was evident and I was not ready to handle that.  I retreated to the water and cried.  A seagull came and hovered by me, not more than few feet away.  It was Spirit saying, "This is not new.  Your rhythms are different and that is okay.  State your truth and let Joe have his."  Joe came out and we embraced ready to compromise in our expectations.  We chose to engage in an adventuresome quest to see all we could this day.  We chose to drive back South to the Parker Dam and explore the areas in between.  We explored Cattail State Park (much more rural and also on the lake).  We chose to hike a trail at SARA Park.  It was interesting to note the varied yet subtle colors of the rocks and vegetation.  We felt renewed.  I chose to accompany Joe to Mass at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church.  They had some inspiring sculptures and beautiful stain glass windows.  After church we enjoyed a trout meal at a local restaurant, Black Bear Diner.  Our server was most entertaining.  He was quite boastful of his three beautiful granddaughters and how Havasu was a safe city.  We arrived back to the camper by 8 pm and enjoyed the Tom Hanks movie, The Circle.  Sleep came around 11 pm.  This was a transitional day on our journey.