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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Today I left home at 7:20 am.  I traveled to Sandusky to pick up my sister-in-law, Terri.  We were planning to leave at 8 am but holding to true Hemminger time, we left at 8:45.  The temperature was about 2 degrees.  We took the path of least resistance through Bowling Green and made our way to I-75.  Heading south we were bucking 15 mph head wind.  Of course, that took its toll on our gas mileage and so we were stopping for gas about every 100 miles.  Not exactly the start we were hoping for.  But the weather was dry and the conversation made for a swift journey.  We arrived in Goodletsville, TN about 5:30 pm.  I had stopped to take a half-hour needed nap about 2 hours before so we made our arrival in the dark.  The people at the Grand Ole RV Resort and Market were very friendly and we were lucky to get a pull-through site.  Yay, no backing into a space.  My first alone attempt at unhitching the camper was not without some trials.  I could not get the hitch to unlatch so I had to make a rescue call to Joe.  It seems that I did not lift the release before I raised the jack. Lesson learned.  We were unhitched and connected to electricity in about a half hour.  Our freezing bodies appreciated the electic heater's support of making our home very cozy.  We worked together to have a meal of Eggplant Paremesean and Terri had a green smoothie.  Yum!  We were so tired from the 9 hour drive that we went o bed early (9 pm).  My cold was still bothering me so I succumbed to a dose of Advil PM.  I had the best night's sleep.  Maybe my opinion of OTC medicine needs to be reevaluated.  :)