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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

We left Nashville at 10 am and started our trek to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  It was a very foggy ride all day.   We planned to leave at 10 am and we did it.  After getting the propane tanks fueled and htched up without any complications, we made our way west.  Our fuel economy was greatly improved and we made good time.  There seemed to be more trucks on I-40. Crossing the Mississippi was a specticle that Terri was able to capture. We cheered as we crossed the Mississippi at Memphis with the fog leaving an eery feeling about the view we had.  No boats were visible and we imagined the different types that must come down the river.  The I-40 bridge was somewhat bumpy so the pictures are blurry.  As we entered Arkansas, we noted the poverty and disparate conditions.  The "big" city of Little Rock were the source of our only delays.   The fog stayed throughout our sojourn and we arrive in Hot Springs at 6:30 pm.  As we got off the exit, we had to cross a 2 land road. Fortunately there was no traffic coming in either direction.  We found the sign for the KOA and the entrance 400 feet later.  We pulled into the park and followed the signs to the office.  What a tortuous drive up a steep hill.  They were aware of our late arrival (the office closed at 5 pm), and so a map and directions to our site were waiting for us. We studied the map and because of the one way roads weaving throughout the camp, we had to wind around a loop and find our way to our site.  In the dark, the map did not reflect the route we took.  Somehow we ended up back out on the main road. We tested the turning limitations of the camper by doing a sharp U-y at the next intersection.  We finally found the right route to our pull through site (which means I did not have to back into the site). Unhooking was a breeze.  Terri was even able to help disconnect from the truck.  We plugged in and were cooking dinner within 15 minutes.  We had a great Teriyaki tofu and risotto stir fry.  We both looked forward to a glass of wine as we toasted Julie in her new job.  Our arrival was saddened by the news that one of my co-worker's son had died.  As I processed the news, i became aware again of the brevity of life and how it is important to grab on and live out our dreams for we do not know when our time on Earth is over and we are called on to the next adventure.  This is not something to fear, but to always bring our attention to the present moment and to remind us to speak our truth and to express our love in all ways.  We went to bed with many questions left unanswered about life and death.